Curiosity Kids

Curiosity classes were started 3 years ago by caring mom of 2 curious kids with the main goal to teach children how the science plays in their daily lives!


Curiosity offers practical science experiment classes to foster the habit of observing and exploring! Curiosity's ideology is to encourage children to connect with science and learn how it impacts/effects them in their daily lives making learning enjoyable and interesting.

These classes would be a platform for little scientists to keep the thinking cap on and be inquisitive as to why somethings happen and how!
Children would learn and explore scientific principles through various hands on experiments, games, discussing, analyzing recordings and understanding practical application of the scientific principle around us!

Class Groups

  • 18 months- 36 months

This group is designed to introduce little minds to science by various interesting activities, hands on experiments. This class lays the foundation for kids to learn/explore concepts of science. This class is accompanied. It's amazing to see the little minds intrigued by concepts of science.

  • 3- 5 years old

This group encourages children to observe and explore science in depth. Children perform hands on experiments to increase their understanding of science and its concepts. Children are encouraged to discuss their observations and share their findings with other classmates.

  • 5- 8 years old

This group works and expands kids' learning on what they have learnt in the previous group. This group is encouraged to predict outcomes of experiments and how and where do they think these scientific principles come to play in their lives.


Image Credit: CuriosityKids

Introduction to Science with Curiosity

Organization's events

Online classes

26 July 2023 - 31 July 2024, See the website for the opening hours.

Kids Birthday Parties @ Curiosity Kids

27 July 2023 - 31 August 2024, See the website for the opening hours.




Hong Kong

How to get there?

Classes held at various locations across Hong Kong ie.
Fun Zone at Kennedy Town, PlayTent at Stanley,
Cyberport and TST.