REMEDY ME @wellwellwell opens at Pacific Place

REMEDY ME @wellwellwell opens at Pacific Place

Remedy Me is the “water well” of “wellwellwell” - a modern apothecary we created to celebrate and explore the concept of wellness in Chinese food culture. We have worked with chefs and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) experts to create seasonal menus according to the 24 Solar Terms of the Traditional Chinese calendar to heal and nourish your body.


Say goodbye to soggy cereal, Remedy Me provides the Chinese Breakfast can – and should – be the best meal of the day that warms you up and energizes you. From congee, bun and Chinese churro with the best Yunnan coffee, our Chinese breakfast will brighten you up every morning.

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Sun 08:00 am - 08:00 pm


Image Credit: Pacific Place


Mon–Sun 08:00–20:00.


For parents

Telephone number

+852 2844 8988



Hong Kong
88 Queensway Hong Kong