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Arts in Your Neighbourhood November 2018!

Arts in Your Neighbourhood November 2018!

Take a trip up north of Singapore this November as Arts in Your Neighbourhood returns for its 11th edition, this time focusing on the town of Woodlands!

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5 new public artworks around Woodlands invite you to look at the neighbourhood with a fresh pair of lenses and ask questions about the world you live in. See everyday spaces like playgrounds and parks come alive with roving theatrical performances featuring larger-than-life puppets made from recyclables.

Uncover stories from residents of Woodlands jumbo flats, through a specially curated walking trail featuring pop-up performances and hands-on furniture upcycling sessions. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, try your hand at the gachapon machines set up at 3 different locations in Woodlands, containing various stories, memories and wonders of the neighbourhood.

Beyond Woodlands, a variety of enriching arts experiences for the whole family awaits you island-wide.

Ancient Malay and Indian folklore comes to life in Teater KAMi’s Awang Batil and ACT 3 International’s dramatic renditions of 2 traditional stories (Rama & Sita and Badang, The Strong Man). A Chinese fusion music performance is accompanied by captivating wushu performers in The TENG Ensemble’s 酸甜苦辣- The Four Flavours of Life. Fantastical characters on stilts set imaginations alight in whimsical music and dance performances by French arts group Compagnie des Quidams.

With close to 70 arts activities happening at 18 locations across the island, there is something suitable for everyone. See you at our events!

About Arts In Your Neighbourhood 

Arts in Your Neighbourhood is a programme by the National Arts Council. This programme aims to provide enriching arts experiences for everyone at their doorsteps and consist of interactive arts programmes by established artists and arts groups held at various spaces across the island.

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Woodlands Waterfront Park, Singapore