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Baby Signs in-person Course (Saturdays)

Sign, Say & Play is a 6 weekly online LIVE or 4 week IN-PERSON course with a certified baby signs instructor in Singapore.


It combines useful signs, music and movements, parenting tips, stories and interactive games into a single cutting-edge curriculum.

You will: 

  • Be able to respond to your baby’s needs so the baby has fewer frustration-related crying
  • Develop a deeper bonding with your baby which helps the baby to release hormones and chemicals in the brain that encourage rapid brain growth
  • Promote your baby’s early language development so they learn to talk sooner and have the hunger for communication
  • Feel less stressed to be able to understand your baby and dial up your own confidence in your ability to listen and respond
  • Discover your baby’s personality sooner and make them more confident and have higher self-esteem
  • Help your baby to be able to express their needs, emotions more easily and share their world
  • Help your baby to jumpstart their cognitive development through early communication and exploration

Register here

1 Adult only due to COVID, if you want 2 parents, please check availability with +65 9795 7367.


Images Credit: Baby Signs Singapore




Baby signs course : 200 SGD

Telephone number

+65 9795 7367



35 Rochester Dr, Singapore

How to get there?

If you are traveling by the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), alight at BUONA VISTA Station (CC22/EW21). From the Green Line Exit, go down the escalator to find a directional guide towards “The Rochester Mall”. Take the lift to Level 3.