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As an educator, we firmly believe that the significance of early education is to help parents grasp the sensitive period of the baby in time and help the baby to feel new things together.

0-3 years old is an important stage of baby brain development. In this period, can you receive enough stimulation? The child's future development is very beneficial.

For example, some parents and other children grow up to 3 years old, only to realize that the baby's language expression ability is slower than that of the same age.

This may be because the child's language is sensitive, the parents don't give enough stimulation, miss the child. The best time to develop language potential. As a mother, we certainly hope that we will become talented, but the most important thing is to have more time to accompany them when they are still babies. 

I hope that through our carefully planned courses, more parents and even caregivers can learn how to communicate with the baby and effectively cultivate these babies.

Activities that happen now in our Playgroup here

  • Music Class
  • Arts & Crafts

  • Drama

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