Cedan Kindergarten and Child Development Centre

Cedan Kindergarten and Child Development Centre

Nurture every child with a sense of confidence, positive attitude, skills and strategies to face the challenges of a fast changing world.


Provide every child with quality and holistic education in a structured yet unregimented environment in order to develop them to their fullest potential.

Promote the physical, cognitive, aesthetics and creative expression, social and emotional and spiritual development of the children through age-appropriate teaching strategies and integrated curriculum.

The holistic development of children is important and their programme emphasises the need for children to build up confidence and social skills and be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions for life-long learning. Their unique, progressive and all-encompassing curriculum meets more than the requirements of the local school framework:

  • English Language - Letterland is adopted to teach phonics and language at all levels. It is a synthetic phonics approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling to 3-8 years old. The programme aims to activate every learning channel through social interaction, movement, art & craft, drama, and rhymes that are directly linked to the alphabets’ knowledge where children can confidently develop cognitive, language and literacy skills and ultimately develop a love for reading and oral expression.
  • Chinese Language - To stimulate the interest and build a strong foundation for the Chinese language, children will be encouraged and guided in the use of the Chinese language through opportunities to interact and communicate with their peers and teachers. Their Chinese programme emphasizes on word recognition where children learn to read, recognize and write the Chinese characters.
  • Early Foundation Mathematics - Through the use of interactive and foundation forming techniques, their program is designed at maximizing the learning of preschool mathematics in which students are engaged in the process of making sense of mathematics and developing conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and hence sets the foundation for all future mathematics skills and learning.
  • Early Science Discovery - They provide opportunities to arouse the curiosity of each child and stimulate him/her to discover and explore more about the immediate environment he/she lives in. To enhance the learning process, children would learn more about the subject through concrete hands-on activities, experiments, investigation and deduction, problem solving and fun-filled activities/games.
  • Early Computer Experiences - Computer literacy and early academic readiness skills are covered in this programme. Their intended aim is to enhance the children’s competencies in language, reading, mathematics, science, art and technology through computer-aided software. These software have self-adjusting skill levels which progress from simple to more complex tasks at a pace suitable for the children, thereby allowing them to be increasingly challenged in a stress-free and success-oriented environment.
  • Music and Movement - Music & Movement is integrated into their curriculum to help children develop their early literacy skills (phonetic processing, spoken language and comprehension skills), gross motor skills (awareness of movement and body positions), fine motor skills (finger plays and playing musical instruments), social and emotional skills, self‐concept and creativity. They believe that music & movement not only brings children joy but it also helps their brain cells make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence.
  • Art and Craft Exploratory - Children enjoy touching different textures and exploring materials as well as putting together and taking apart objects to create something unique - or just for the joy of exploring and changing something. Children are encouraged to experiment with various art materials so as to spark their creativity, exploratory and discovery spirits, as well as develop their planning, cognitive and fine motor skills.
  • Cookery Experiences - Many forms of learning are incorporated in their cookery lessons. Preparing a meal can incorporate maths where children learn measurements, counting and fractions. In addition to reading and following a recipe, children learn to decode symbols and follow sequential orders. Linking cooking with science, children will discover that both subjects involve chemical changes, problem solving and plant and animal products. Furthermore, cooking helps children develop fine motor skills like pouring, stirring and mixing, social skills like cooperation and taking turns, and pick up healthy eating habits and nutritional knowledge.
  • Speech and Drama (English) - Speech and Drama course allows children to participate in spontaneous or planned drama intended on drawing out their own interpretation of a poem or story and adding their own experiences to it. Such process builds up their self-expression, confidence and self-leadership. Their course is based on a wide range of approaches (reading aloud, storytelling, mime, puppetry, role-play, masks, improvisation and dramatic poetry) to encourage and challenge children to express their ideas through voice, speech, language, movement, art, writing and visual media.
  • Outdoor Play Activities - Their outdoor activities are aimed at developing both gross and fine motor skills, and appreciation of amazing nature. Their activities include: Water Play, Sand Play, Directed Games, Playground Play and Field Trips. They firmly believe that when children are learning and playing with joy, then it is a positive experience which ultimately leads to a positive approach to learning.

Enrichment programmes are designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and talents of your children over and above the early foundation skills covered in the kindergarten programme. Such enriched experiences will give them a head-start that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 8am - 9pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 5pm


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