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Classes for Juniors - Parent and Child Classes @Chantilly Culinary Studio

Classes for Juniors - Parent and Child Classes @Chantilly Culinary Studio

Hokkaido Cupcakes and Chicken Veg Yakitori - Parent and Child

This workshop will bring you a bit closer to the flavours of Japan. We will make soft and fluffy Hokkaido Cupcakes and savoury and satisfying Chicken and Vegetable Yakitori.  

You will pick up pastry making skills, learning how to use egg separation method for the lightest cupcakes.  You will also learn how to make custard for filling the cupcakes. 

You will also pick up cooking skills, learning how to handle a chef's knife in a safely to cut chicken and vegetables.  You will also whip up the teriyaki marinade yourself.  

When: 14 Mar, 10am - 1.30pm


Pizza and Unicorn Cupcakes - Parent and Child

In this parent and child workshop, each pair will make a pizza from scratch and a set of cupcakes.  Learn how to mix, kneed and stretch pizza dough, then top it with your favourite toppings, fresh herbs from our garden and lots of cheese!! 

For the cupcakes, each pair will make a set of 6 cupcakes and decorate it with rainbow cream.  Complete it with unicorn toppers for a bit of magic.  

When: 17 Mar, 10am - 1.30pm


Handmade Pasta and Chocolate Chip Cookies - Parent and Child

Learn how to make pasta from scratch. Mix, kneed, stretch and cut your own pasta.  We will make a light and fresh tomato sauce with a sprinkling of fresh herbs from our garden.  

Because everyone deserves a sweet treat now and then, we will make chocolate chip cookies to take home! 

When: 19 Mar, 10am - 1.30pm


Baked Rice and Whoopie Pies - Parent and Child

We will teach you how to achieve the perfect balance of flavour in your dish, and basic cooking techniques for making bechamel sauce.  The dish will be topped with cheese and baked to perfection, for a very satisfying lunch.  

Whoopie Pies are a perfect balance between cake and cookie - a little bit soft and a little bit firm and filled with buttercream.  

When: 20 Mar, 10am - 1.30pm


Chicken Pot Pies and Oreo Cheesecake - Parent and Child

You will also pick up cooking skills, learning how to handle a chef's knife in a safely to cut chicken and vegetables. You will also learn how to control cooking time and temperature to make the perfect chicken and vegetable filling for your pies.  You will then learn how to use store-bought puff pastry to compete the pies. 

Mini Oreo Cheese Cakes are the perfect dessert treat!  It has a crispy Oreo base and not-too-sweet creamy filling, almost like cookies and cream ice cream! 

When: 21 Mar, 10am - 1.30pm


Fees:  $80 per parent and child pair.  $15 for additional child joining, $20 for additional parent joining. 

Children from 4 years and up can participate with a parent.  There is an option for two children to work as a pair, instead of with a parent.  From 10 years and up can participate without parents. 

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Parent and child pair: 80 SGD

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