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Embracing Toddlerhood I: Peaceful Partnerships

Embracing Toddlerhood I: Peaceful Partnerships

Any parent of a toddler faces the youngling’s budding sense of personal will with a mixture of celebration and dread.


Confronted with an increasing amount of wishes, demands, and the onset of tantrums and meltdowns, we are often lost at what to do! One is bound to wonder: Is this a contest of wills? A power struggle? Should I be firm no matter what? Am I causing psychological damage? Should I compromise? Will I spoil the child? How do I manage tasks while remaining sensitive to the child’s needs?

This workshop will dig into reasons behind these challenges toddlers and young children face and how to respond effectively yet with empathy.

This workshop looks at

  • Why your child says 'No' to your requests
  • Understanding the magnitude of the toddler’s struggle
  • Empowering you with ways to make life more peaceful and cooperative

The session is suitable for parents and caregivers of children between ages 18 months and 4 years old.

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07 March, 09:00–12:00.


For parents


Price: 80 SGD
Couple: 135 SGD



126 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068595