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Introduction to Respectful Parenting (Respectful Parenting Workshop Series)

Introduction to Respectful Parenting (Respectful Parenting Workshop Series)

Seeking to enjoy your children and your role as a parent? Heard of Respectful / Mindful Parenting but have no real idea what it is?


This introductory workshop to Respectful / Mindful Parenting will give you an overview of the principles for creating mutually respectful, authentic, cooperative relationships with your children. We will examine the attitudes and skills at the heart of respectful parenting. Inspired by the life and work of Magda Gerber (co-founder of RIE) and her mentor, paediatrician Dr Emmi Pikler, this workshop looks at

  • How our own childhood experiences and culture influence the lens we use to view children
  • What it means to respect your child and for your child to respect you
  • Some tips on how we can put respectful parenting into practice
  • How respectful parenting can breed co-operation and peace in your household 
  • This workshop is suitable for parents and caregivers of children from birth to 4 years old.


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For parents


Price: 75 SGD
Couple: 125 SGD



444 Serangoon Rd, Singapore