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2-Hour Trial Coding Workshops

2-Hour Trial Coding Workshops

Try a hand at coding with us in our 2-hour Coding Workshops!  


Let your little one step into the shoes of coding greats like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and create games or write code for their very first program.

We’ve got exciting workshops for children Ages 7 to 18, check them out below:

  • Ages 7 to 9:

Get an exciting first brush with programming by coding a game on Scratch! The game is similar to the classic game of pong where the goal is to keep the sprite (pong ball) from getting past you. Kids will get to program interactions between sprites, adding a score and levels, and more!

  • Ages 10 to 12:

Get to create a simple health advisor program with Python! A program where you can simply key in your height and weight and be advised if you are within the ideal weight range. You can even jazz it up with cool comments according to the different weight categories!


  • Ages 13 to 18:

Have you ever played a quiz online or on your phones and wondered how the programs generate random questions? How they identify the correct or wrong answers? How your score is tallied?

Discover what goes behind the online quizzes, the random number generator and get introduced to the basic functions of Python and practice using them!

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