Motivational Youth Transition Coaching Camp

Motivational Youth Transition Coaching Camp

Today, children go through challenging transitions and changes in life.


As they become teenagers, they develop powerful, creative minds and are keen to harness their skills and ideas to create change – but they need support and guidance in a safe environment to find their voice and share.

The main goal of this Motivational Youth Transition Coaching programme is to empower students with coping strategies to navigate through challenging phases in their life. Led by Michaelina Turrell – a
teacher and coach with over 15 years’ experience in working with young people across the UK and Singapore – students will develop social, emotional and educational confidence to achieve their goals.

During the programme, students will:

  • Increase their motivational levels for life, resulting in greater success and happiness.
  • Learn and practice mindfulness techniques that can be used when they have low self-esteem or a lack of confidence.
  • Discover the opinions that form their own identity.
  • Learn life skills that will stay with them forever.
  • Develop strategies to cope with anxiety – especially around transitioning to secondary school or preparing to receive examination results.
  • Find their voice and the confidence they need to achieve their dreams

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14 June - 17 June, time: 14:00-16:30.




Price: 550 SGD (includes all resources and materials)

Telephone number

+65 6304 3552