Little Pianists

Little Pianists

Our 'Little Pianists' group piano classes will develop a life-long love for music and musical ability that will stay with your child for life.


This signature course for young beginners, ages 4 and up, is the start of your child's formal music education. The group setting provides a platform for building confidence, social skills and teamwork.

Combining age-appropriate piano pieces, off-the-bench movement activities, game-based learning and music theory worksheets, our group piano lessons will be fun and challenging and will develop the curious minds and musical abilities of our young musicians.


More info at or whatsapp 87679761


Image Credit: Creative Hearts - Centre For Performing Arts


Tue 15:30–16:15, Thu 15:00–15:45, Sat 09:45–10:30.




Kids Ticket: 42 SGD

Telephone number

+65 87679761



2 Pandan Valley, Bukit Timah/Holland Village

How to get there?

We are located inside Pandan Valley Condominium