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Human Body & Science Lab Camp @Creative Kulture

Human Body & Science Lab Camp @Creative Kulture

Join us as we explore functions & importance of various body parts, along with fun experiments and crafts.


Contact Megha at +65 9725 9104 to book.


Day 1

  • Learn different body parts and their functions
  • Crafts : "My amazing body" lap book

Day 2

  • Learn all about bones
  • Make your own skeleton puzzle
  • Ear bud skeleton
  • Spinal cord craft

Day 3

  • Learn about respiratory system with fun experiments
  • Lungs craft
  • Make your respiratory system
  • Stethoscope craft

Day 4

  • Staying healthy, eating right and digestion basics.
  • Science Lab: Explaining digestion with a fun experiment
  • Explaining how coke is not good for teeth


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Telephone number

+65 9725 9104



20-04 51 meyer road The Belvedere, Singapore