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Weekends in the Park: Lifestyle Market & Workshops

Weekends in the Park: Lifestyle Market & Workshops

Let’s do part for the environment!


Learn how to repurpose everyday items through upcycling workshops conducted by Terra Village.

Artisans will also be showcasing their creative crafts and wares at the Sustainable Lifestyle Market.

Plus, don’t miss exclusive promotions and a host of free activities, from making your own parachute to various upcycling workshops!

Don’t forget to grab some free chalk from the business outlets at Parkland Green, unleash your creativity and doodle on the floor. This is available all day and every day at Parkland Green. 

*All activities are on a first-come, first-served basis. While stocks last.

 The activities listed are organised by third party providers. Full disclaimer here.


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E Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449876

How to get there?

Along East Coast Parkway and East Coast Park Service Road.

Nearest Bus stops: 92289 (Regent Bowl), 92191 (Opp CP C3), 92199 (Marine Cove), 93181 (Opp CP C4), 93189 (Opp Victoria JC), 93179 (Island Resort S’pore), 93171 (Opp Island Resort S’pore), 93169 (Bef CP D5), 93161 (Opp Pond), 93159 (Cable Ski Pk), 93151 (Opp Cable Ski Park), 92251 (Opp Singa Inn), 92261 (Opp Playground @ Big Splash), 91101 (Tg Katong Flyover), 91111 (CP B1)