Save the World with the FAST Heroes!

Save the World with the FAST Heroes!

Singapore National Stroke Association (SNSA) has partnered the Angels Initiative from Boehringer Ingelheim to roll out a FAST Heroes 995 programme as part of a collective effort to raise stroke awareness this month.


The FAST Heroes campaign is an educational initiative which aims to educate children (between the ages of five to ten) and their families to recognise the three main stroke symptoms and call the emergency number in the event a stroke is suspected.

Sign up for the ‘Save the World with the FAST Heroes!’ online storytelling session in partnership with National Library Board to join the FAST Heroes on their mission to teach the world about stroke and how to conquer the Evil Clot. In the virtual storytelling session, venture with Timmy on his journey to learn how to tell the signs of stroke and the key to remembering them! The FAST Heroes need your help. Are you ready to be a FAST Hero too?

The programme is conducted by the Singapore National Stroke Association and is suitable for children aged 7-10 and their parents.

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Image Credit: FAST Heroes 995


25 October, 11:00–12:00.