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Free Film Screening: Children of the Snow Land

Free Film Screening: Children of the Snow Land

The story of a group of children born in the High Himalayas of Nepal - a remote area of great natural beauty but where life is extremely tough.


From just four years old, some children are sent by their parents to the capital city, Kathmandu, to a school run by a Buddhist monk in the hope that education will give them a better chance in life. For ten years or more they do not see or speak to their parents, due to the remoteness of their villages.

Now, upon graduation, aged 16, the children are making the trek home: an arduous and lengthy journey across mountains that takes them to the highest inhabited place on the planet; a faraway, off-grid land where the way of life has not changed for thousands of years, and where their parents are waiting to see children brought up in a world of mobile phones, social media and most modern conveniences. And then the earthquake strikes.

This film documents the children and their families' scary, moving, funny and humbling stories.

“Children of Snow Land” is an award-winning film that gives the viewer the experience of being transported back to ways of life that have remained unchanged for the past 2,000 years, whilst exploring the universal question of what creates a family and the human spirit's extraordinary capacity to survive and thrive in difficult circumstances and with meagre resources.

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