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Home Enrichment Free Trial First Line of Code Workshop

Home Enrichment Free Trial First Line of Code Workshop

Expose your child to the world of programming in less than 2 hours with no prior knowledge needed!


Suitable age/level class placements too!

Coding Education Landscape in Singapore

According to the World Economic Forum, the top future skill needed for our children to succeed is the “Ability to Solve Complex Problems“. To be able to solve complex problems, your child needs computational thinking skills. Programming is one of the few subjects that can equip your child with this skill.

In light of this change, our Ministry of Education (MOE) and Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) have recently introduced the compulsory coding enrichment for all upper primary school students here in Singapore starting in 2020. More and more secondary schools are in search of coding talents to enter their schools via Direct School Admission (DSA).

Let us guide your child in discovering their talent in technology today!

About First Line of Code Workshop

First Line of Code is an interactive workshop that exposes your child to the world of programming through their first game/animation on Scratch and brings their imagination to life. Through this introductory class, your child will step into the world of programming and take on the role of a creator, not just mere consumers of technology as they already are.

Developed by the MIT Media Lab, Scratch is a kid-friendly, block-based programming software for young imaginative minds to let them try programming for the first time. With the easier to use drag-and-drop interface, students learn key computer science concepts such as sequences, loops, conditionals, and abstraction by building their own interactive stories, animations, or multimedia games on screen.

3 Reasons to Join First Line of Code Workshop

  1. Give your child a headstart in this fast-changing world of technology. The objective of the First Line of Code is to gauge your child’s level of interest in coding and assess their logical thinking process. Using drag-and-drop programming, your child will bring home a game that they can call their own.
  2. Let your child be assessed by our instructors. Students will undergo a comprehensive assessment approach where we identify our students’ interest areas, understand their logical thinking process, and, most important, readiness to start the programming journey with us. Before we decide which regular program or what level class is more suitable, all students will need to complete an aptitude test*. This will happen during the class. Only one attempt for the test, students will complete the test in class, so a laptop will be needed for the class
  3. Learn about the benefits of programming education and the upcoming changes in our education landscape. Other than learning about Kodecoon’s core progressive curriculum, we will share the fundamentals of executing PPTD (Planning, Programming, Testing, and Debugging) and how this approach is essential in the development of games, and other related applications that are necessary and vital for students’ future advancement.

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Do note that we will reach out to you to get a deposit of SGD$20 to confirm your attendance for the class. This deposit is refundable, we will transfer it back to you after the class or offset in the class fees if you decide to continue the weekly classes with us!


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