ICanCode Coding Workshop Online

Participants acquire coding skills through interactive project-based learning with instructor-led teaching and support.


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ICanCode Coding Workshop 

  • Location: Online
  • Date and Time: Sun 3-5pm
  • Three two-hour coding sessions
  • Low Instructor-Student ratio

Develop coding skills through interactive learning activities with online instructor guidance and support. 
Choose from our wide range of coding activities and advance through the levels of difficulty.

S01 Scratch Coding

✔ Learn the basics of Scratch coding
✔ Learn about programming logic, events, and block chains
✔ Create sprites and characters that will move and change
✔ Create an interactive Scratch game

B01 Microbit Computing

✔ Introduction to the BBC Microbit device functions
✔ Block coding in Microsoft MakeCode
✔ Use LED display output to show words, numbers and pictures
✔ Use the accelerometer input to trigger random number creation

R01 Roblox Coding

✔ Learn the basics of Roblox Studio
✔ Learn about Lua programming functions, conditions and events
✔ Create a Roblox Obby using baseplate, spawn location and parts
✔ Create an interactive Roblox game

P01 Python Coding

✔ Learn Python programming
✔ Learn about coordinates, variables, variable types, and classes
✔ Customize your player and enemy 
✔ Create a survival game

M01 Minecraft Coding

✔ Introduction to Minecraft:Education
✔ Block coding in Microsoft MakeCode
✔ Learn algorithms, sequencing, loops and conditionals
✔ Build Minecraft world with NPC spawn

New to Coding? Come join us and pick up a new skill.
Our coding workshops are suitable for children aged 7-16 who are interested to learn computing in a creative environment. It will draw upon their creativity and imagination while learning new programming concepts which are applied to the projects they develop.

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