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Krav Junior Bootcamp @Kravist SG

Krav Junior Bootcamp @Kravist SG

Unleash Your Child's Inner Superhero at Krav Junior Bootcamp! 


This year-end school holiday, give your child the gift of confidence, strength, and self-defense skills!

At Kravist, they will provide young students with practical and efficient techniques to defend themselves in real-life situations. Our method emphasizes neutralizing threats as quickly as possible, enabling practitioners to escape potentially dangerous situations. The main goal is to avoid prolonged engagements and create an opportunity to get to safety.

Our young students will learn how to protect themselves from potential threats, including bullying situations - to identify and respond to different types of bullying effectively. The focus is on de-escalation, assertiveness, and non-violent strategies whenever possible. They are also taught practical techniques to escape from grabs, holds, and how to defend against common attacks.

Join our fun and action-packed Krav Junior Bootcamp this November.

Don't miss this empowering holiday experience!

Contact to register and secure your child's spot.




Image Credit: Kravist SG




Kids (6 - 10 yo): 120 SGD
Juniors (10 - 14 yo): 140 SGD



11 Irving Place Tai Seng Point #02-04, Singapore 369551