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Pokemon and Paw Patrol Programs

Pokemon and Paw Patrol Programs

Little Skoolz September Holiday PHYSICAL Programs are back!


  • Paw Patrol - Art & Science Camp

Do you love learning about science and animals? Do you like watching Paw Patrol? Do you enjoy arts & crafts? Join our exciting paw patrol camp today!

Children will be introduced to the different classifications of animals: Mammals, Reptiles, Sea creatures, Birds.

Children will:

  • learn exciting facts about animals' habitats, diets, and characteristics.
  • have fun comparing the animals with characters in the paw patrol cartoon series!
  • be kept engaged throughout the session through the use of paw-patrol-themed activities.
  • be introduced to simple ciphers and puzzles, requiring them to think critically and logically
  • get the opportunity to create the newest member of the paw patrol team!
  • get to design their very own Patrol Shield to bring home using the provided materials!

What are in the kit: Paw Patrol stickers, Art & crafts learning materials and more!

We aim to let them thrive in a creative environment where they are encouraged to develop their imagination and artistic expression!

  • Pokemon Science Camp (Exploring Marine Life with Squirtle)

Join Squirtle as we learn fascinating facts about sea creatures and find out how they have inspired our favourite Pokemon characters!

In this program, children will

  • learn about the real-life sea creature that Pokémon are based on
  • learn about life science as it relates to Pokémon and what living things need to survive within their habit
  • talk about their ideas and have large group discussions with their friends.

What are in the kit: Pokémon plush, Pokémon sticker, Pokémon Science experiments materials and more!

This class is perfect for beginners and experts alike. It is even a great fit for those who just like animals and want to make new friends.

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