Lorna Whiston School @ Kallang Wave

Lorna Whiston School @ Kallang Wave

Lorna Whiston Schools build language and communication skills in a creative, enriching learning environment that motivates students to want to learn!


Lorna Whiston Schools offer English language programmes for pre-primary, primary and secondary students, as well as a range of teacher training and corporate training programmes for adults. In addition, Lorna Whiston Schools operate successful bi-lingual preschools in Singapore and China, and have dynamic speech and drama schools in both Singapore and Malaysia. 

Why is Lorna Whiston different?

  • Unique curriculum, tailor-made to students' needs
  • Highly qualified teaching staff 
  • Determination to make each and every learning experience at Lorna Whiston count

Lorna Whiston Schools has been the go-to brand for English language programmes in South East Asia since 1980. Initially set up as a simple tuition centre, Lorna Whiston has grown from a small, family-oriented enterprise into an internationally renowned brand known for its educational quality and excellence.

Today, Lorna Whiston Schools are one of the leading English language institutions in the region!


Image Credit: Lorna Whiston Schools

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 07:00–19:00, Sat 07:00–14:00.





1 Stadium Place #01-28,Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397628

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