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Coding Workshop with UBBU for P2 - 3

Coding Workshop with UBBU for P2 - 3

Coding and computer science can be technical and difficult to understand.


Sometimes, it may even bore a child out. This year-end holiday, trainer Ana Marie will be utilising UBBU to share more that coding and computer science is not always boring and technical - it can be extremely fun when taught in the right ways too!

For P2 - 3s only.

Introduction to UBBU

Ubbu utilises amazing videos, fun games and challenging projects to teaches computer science and coding.

Every single lesson in Ubbu uses a series of foundation elements put together to provide a responsible and meaningful learning experience.

Ubbu's belief is that coding is an important piece of the big puzzle that is computer science, hence it teaches kids how to use technology in all its forms to address complex challenges.

Children today are surrounded by technology and screens - by learning computer science, they can be transformed from a user to a creator instead. How cool is that?

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The workshop will be conducted online.

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Tickets Required: 120 SGD

Telephone number

+65 6213 9300