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Science Year-End Revision Workshop 2019 (P5&6)

Science Year-End Revision Workshop 2019 (P5&6)

In this half-day workshop, students will takeaway three key learning objectives to help them prepare for the year end final examinations.


Better conceptual understanding

  • Applying the use of conceptual mapping, the trainer will be going through topics from the P5 to P6 levels. Topics included are: states of water and water conservation, plant reproduction, human reproduction, cell systems, plant transport system, air and respiratory system, human circulatory system, electrical circuits, states of energy and energy conversion, forces, organisms and their environment, web of life, adaptations and man’s impact on the environment.

Techniques for open-ended questions

  • How to handle questions picked from the real-world context
  • How to correct the top 5 mistakes made by students in open-ended questions
    • Writing too little or too much
    • Not using relevant keywords
    • Fail to provide comprehensive answer to comparison questions
    • Fail to answer the questions fully
    • Not justifying the question

*Students will be having in-class practices.

Applying science concept with hands-on activity

  • In this workshop, students will be taught how to making a burglar alarm with an alarm clock using principles of electrical circuits.

About the Trainer

Mr Chee Chin Young is the author of two popular Science titles ‘Science of Success’ and ‘PSLE Science Examiner’s Secrets Revealed’, with Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE). He is also the co-founder and principal of Fun Learner’s School – a learning centre that brings fun into learning with speed-studying strategies. Since its inception, he has been crafting and teaching the curriculum for English, Mathematics, and Science across Primary and Secondary levels, including the training of teachers.

Feedback from Previous Workshops:

"She likes the experiments and the contents. Instructor is engaging and humorous. " - Parent of Alysa, attendee, PSLE science workshop June 2019

"Mr Chee was a very nice teacher and taught me many things that I never knew before. I am very happy that I joined this class." - Darren, 12 years old

"We were taught very good strategies on how to score and how to make notes :)" - Cheryl, 12 years old

"I liked about how the teacher explained all tactics to get A* for Science." - Aswanth, 11 years old.

Workshop Details

Dates: 10th Sep 2019
Time: 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Location: Times Centre, 1 New Industrial Road, Singapore 536196
(Tea break is included)

Complimentary Guidebook

All participants will receive a complimentary Marshall Cavendish Education Primary Science Revision Essential (Book A)

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P5 - 6 Science Workshop: 57.37 SGD



1 New Industrial Road, Singapore 536196