Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS)

Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS)

MSIS supports students to build confidence and demonstrate capabilities in an environment that is respectful and supportive


As a leader in innovative teaching, with a specially qualified and diverse group of teachers, Melbourne Specialist International School strives to offer a unique and inclusive learning experience for international students within one of the Singapore’s most vibrant learning environments.. Based on a proven fact that innovative teaching techniques enables more effective learning and can increase children’s sense of personal identity, MSIS fosters and promotes creativity through dancing, musical, art and drama activities which are offered as part of the Visual and Performing Arts Programme. This child-centred approach enables pupils to improve their literacy, numeracy and life skills which helps the teachers in facilitating each student’s development.

Beyond the curriculum, students’ lives are enriched by a wide range of services delivered by the therapy team. This includes specially trained members of staff such as Art, Music, Occupational and Speech & Language Therapists. All of them play a vital role in making MSIS the wonderful place it is, addressing the highly individualised needs of the students.

Recent additions include the Early Intervention Programme for children aged 2,5 to 7 which has been launched in collaboration with White Lodge International Preschool. This incredible programme provides a quality inclusive learning environment for children with additional needs and disabilities. Small class sizes, experienced teachers, coaches and caregivers with a specialist qualification will help nurture each child enrolled in the EISP.

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