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3-Day Magic Camp

Kien (more commonly known as Mr Bottle) also makes use of his experience in working with kids as well as his children, to come up with a system to teach magic to very young children weaving in life values like generosity, respect and perseverance.


Due to special requests from parents, our popular 3-day magic camp is happening in June again! 

In this June edition of our Magic Camp, the focus will be on making magic props. We want to create a maker’s mindset in your children. 

  • Brakes!  – (Value Taught: Adaptation) Kids put together their own pull-back car from scratch. This smart car will find the audience’s selected picture via magic by stopping on that card. 
  • Make OR Brick – (Value Taught: Awareness) Nanobricks will assemble themselves via magic! Mr Bottle uses this magic trick in his virtual magic show!
  • Magic wallet – (Value Taught: Awareness) Make money, credit card, etc jump from 1 side of the wallet to another. 

Bonus: Mr Bottle will be giving every child a home-study Mr Bottle’s Magic Set. Your children can continue to explore magic after the 3-day magic camp. Due to time constrain, only selected magic tricks in this set will be covered in the 3-day magic camp. 

Kids will make their own props so they understand the principles behind it (and learn the details of how to make it work.)

There will be exercises on how the values are applied in magic and worksheets too. Kids are also encouraged to be creative and vary their presentations.


Images Credit: Mr Bottle's Kids Party




3-Day Magic Camp: 295 SGD
3-Day Magic Camp (2nd child): 250 SGD

Telephone number

+65 9739 7503



Queen's Rd, Singapore

How to get there?

Farrer Road MRT