Online Detective Game // CSI Escape Room // Mystery Game

Online Detective Game // CSI Escape Room // Mystery Game

One stolen cake, five suspects, many party guests waiting for cake arrival … can you find culprit in time?


Take on the role as one of finest detectives as you hunt down the suspects behind the cake heist!

Suitable for ages 8+ (at least 1 adult participant recommended for those under 16)

Devices (phone/tablet/laptop)
Internet connection

Download your investigation booklet (we highly recommend that you print them, it helps you solve the crime.)

Assemble your team (at home or via video chat. Eg. If you are using zoom, you can share screen with your friends.)

If you have bought several to compete against your friends, you can do them in your breakout room in zoom.

Gather evidence, interview the suspects and put them together to solve the crime.

Need some clues? There are clues along the way.

What is an online detective game? Being the expert in kids entertainment, we want to combine escape room, murder mystery games (without the murder part) as well as the detective educational elements into a game.

The core of the detective story is something which children can relate easily with: a birthday cake. Indispensable at birthday parties, cakes to kids are like diamond to adults. In the game, you will need to solve escape room-like puzzles to receive the clues.

We weave in educational nuggets like how fingerprints are retrieve during a crime scene investigation (CSI) so children can learn from this game. Players are made to think to put every clue together. Using all the evidence collected, you have find out who stole the birthday cake, how he did it and why he did it. (All multiple choices, so no essay to write!)

To motivate our online players, store credits are given based on how well you collect the evidence and how well you solve the crime. You can buy real items from our online shop!

Available worldwide!

Available in English only

Recommended age: 8 years and up.

Duration: 30-60min

Q: How many people can play this online escape room game?

A:  You can play this as an individual, family OR use this as a competition amongst your friends. We have various packages available for you:

Basic Individual CSI Game – For this option, you can play this individually, as a family together or even with your friends online. In other words, all of your family or friends play this game as a team. Only 1 game is opened. You simply share screen of the game with

Add-on Players Package – For this option, you play this game with your friends as a competition. It’s the same as before. Just that we will based your answer submission as a competition. In this case, the winner who solve this in the shortest time will get a certificate as well as the most amount of store credit. (There will be 2nd, 3rd and consolation prizes depending on the number of pax. If you are playing this online, you can use the breakout room feature if you are pairing up with people to play this game.)

Premium CSI Game Package –

With includes the game for up to 20 of people at a schedule time with facilitator.

Investigation booklet will be printed for you.

20min of hands-on CSI workshop in which children will learn about how detective works. (can be done via zoom)

30min of fun ransom note making game.

Materials for the workshop will be posted to you prior to the event.

Q: How does it work? 

A:  Upon buying our product, you will be given:

A download which is the case file investigation booklet. Printing this is optional but it helps you to organise your thoughts and help you solve the crime.

A URL link is given for your game, which you can start playing immediately. You do need an internet connection to play this game

a password to access your game.

Q: What do you need? 

A:  You will need:

Computer, Laptop, iphone or ipad.

Internet connection

Printer to print investigation booklet (optional)  or paper to write down the evidence as you collect them

Q: Why are you charging so cheap?

A: This is one of our first non-facilitated games. In other words, you play it at your own time without us helping. Staff cost is one of the highest component in our company and we hope this can reduce the cost.

Q: Why don’t you charge it free since you don’t need to facilitate it? 

A: We don’t believe in giving free. When given free, people do not treasure it as much. A lot of man-hours are needed to produce this! A lot of research and brain-cells are needed to come up with the concept. We need graphic designers to produce the artwork.

If you are not sure about paying OR if you are from a charity organisation, email us and we are happy to give you a free access to the game. You can also choose to donate or pay any amount to us if you like the game. In other words, we are giving a money-back guarantee without you giving us money upfront! That is why we are also giving back money in store credits to motivate you to play. At the end of the game, you can also choose to donate these store credits to a charity instead (Just drop us a message on this.).

Q: Is this mystery game only for birthday parties?

A: You can play this anytime without needing it for an event! We have customise treasure hunts, escape rooms and mystery games for party and family days. It can be a gift to cheer people up or a company family day event online.

Q: What else can I book for a party?

A: We also have zoom caricature, online magic show, zoom science show and workshops, interactive games, magic workshop and even a dinosaur party. Let us know the details of the party and we can customise something for you.


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