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Is your child interested in watching magic shows? Looking for a stay home activity to do for children? Want something educational to occupy them? You can run your own magic lesson at home while they learn about life values.


Kien (more commonly known as Mr Bottle) also makes use of his experience in working with kids as well as his children, to come up with a system to teach magic to very young children weaving in life values like generosity, respect and perseverance.

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10 Different Magic Lessons, 10 different principles, 10 different life values.

Children will understand 10 different life values while learning 10 different magic tricks. They will learn a variety of magic effects from transformation to prediction, from appearance to disappearance.

This package includes:

10 lessons 

more than 5 bonus magic.

Materials will posted to you. 

Templates printed for you for your workshop.

Systematic method (Different sections per trick for kids to follow and learn)

How it looks like?

Life Value introduction and how it applies to magic

How to Make the props

How to Perform

Creativity and variations with this principle.

~60 min online lessons for  x 10 

Bonus (limited to 20 pcs)

Top Hat


Magic box to put all your props.

Close-up Mat

Download printable note for the children, parents and teachers to follow up based on the lesson

Points system to motivate children to learn and perform.

Available Worldwide

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Shipping: Magic Package posted to you. Lesson is done online at your own schedule.
Recommended age: 5 years and up.

Outline of the Magic Lessons:

Magic with Wands – Resilience

Money Surprise – Humility

Magic with Cards – Respect

Magic Wallet – Awareness

Traffic Lights –

Pop-Up Choice – Curiosity

Colours Play – Creativity

You win, I win – Mindfulness

Jumping Origami – Awareness

Ice Cream Paddle – Perseverance

?????????? – As a parent, you probably know that you need to repeat something 10 or even 100 times before something you want to inculcate becomes a good habit. Eg. A simple “please” and “thank you”. With the encouragement and our point system, children are motivated to perform magic as much as they can. Using this, they subtly applies.

?????? ??????????? – To perform magic, you must have an audience, whether it is online or face to face. You cannot practise values just by reading or passive learning.

???? ?????? ?? ???? – When you present magic, you are giving someone a gift, subtly teaching generosity.

?????? – We have seen results in our students and even them reminding adults about the values we taught them!

What do you need for this magic trial lesson:

Internet connection

Computer / handphone / tablet

Printer to print out the notes

Tape, Scissors and Glue

Learn life values (respect, creativity and independence) and how to apply it

Children make the props themselves so they understand the principle behind this magic. Magic makes use of perspective, psychology, Math, science, etc to complete the magic. Learn these when

Kids do not learn just the secrets, they learn how to perform and be creative with it.

Point system to keep children motivated. Earn store credits and buy real things from our online magic and party store.

This is a hands-on lesson. They are encouraged to perform and practise. Gain confidence with constant performance.

Easy to run and stress free. Develop independence by letting your kids do the learning as much as they can.

Find out more about the magic curriculum and details of the lesson plans here.

The first and only magician specializing in children’s magic in Asia to be featured on the cover of an International magic magazine, Mr Bottle’s original works and concepts have been showcased around the world like USA, Taiwan, Korea and China. He is the first magician from Asia to helm a column on M-U-M, the publication of the Society of American Magicians.

Mr Bottle has lectured for magicians in Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh as well as Singapore.


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