Zoom Caricature Live Online

Zoom Caricature Live Online

Cannot celebrate birthday due to covid19 restrictions? Your family has to stay home due to circuit breaker? Quarantine at home or having movement control order. Very stressed with your work from home (WFH) or home based learning (HBL)?


Your kid’s birthday party is coming but nothing you can do for your children? Your kids or seniors can still celebrate with their friends during when they are stuck at home.

If you want to give your seniors who cannot go out a surprise souvenir while you video call them, this is perfect for this!

Enjoy our interactive activities like Mr Bottle’s magic show online or Professor Messy’s interactive science show at home with family and friends and our caricaturist will draw for the kids while all these are going on! A fantastic customised souvenir which children can receive on the spot.

Because this is done online, this is available worldwide.

Pay by the number of portraits, not by duration. (Price is based on per head)

When you book one of our online entertainment like online games, magic show via zoom or virtual science show, you can book our zoom caricature online. Our caricaturist to draw the kids in the background while the party is going on or when your family is chatting among each other.

At the end of the sessions, our caricature will show you all the funny portrait by sharing his screen. Advantage for this online caricature booking:

  • No minimum duration.
  • Pay by the number of heads
  • Pictures will be emailed to you directly. You can choose to print them or post them on social media like Facebook or Instagram.
  • No additional time needed for your party for this.


Mon–Sun 09:00–18:30.




Zoom Caricature Live Online: 8 SGD

Telephone number

+65 9739 7503



59 Ubi Avenue 1 #05-10, Singapore 408938