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Christmas Holiday Camp 2021 @Newton Show

Newtonshow is the most established holiday camp in Singapore.


This season we are delighted to offer three science programs - Superhero science and Science from the North Pole.

  • Multi Science

Calling all budding detectives! Would you like to solve a crime using forensic science? Our curious kids will carry out a crime scene investigation and use the wonders of science to find the culprit. If that’s not big enough for them, how about exploring the universe, learning about black holes, eclipses, and our understanding of time? And remembering how lucky we are to have planet Earth, kids will get to build their own greenhouse and water purification system. When we said ‘multi science’ we meant it!

  • Harry Potter

Back by special demand! Whether they want to be in Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or even Slytherin, kids will love our Harry Potter camp. Whether they’re taking part in a magic wand workshop, playing Quidditch, or making potions, kids will get a truly hands-on experience. They’ll learn about alchemy, divination, astronomy, and even how animals communicate. We can promise they’ll have an absolutely ‘magical’ time!

  • Chemical Chaos

Not convinced that chemistry is cool? We’ll show kids that chemistry is all around us and it’s a fascinating subject. They’ll be making periscopes, wind power generators, an echo chamber, and even a mind-bending phenakistoscope. And focusing on cutting edge technology, kids will learn about the chemistry of 3D printer technology, DNA, and the topical nano-world of viruses. If that’s not enough, they’ll get to take part in our legendary chemical battles (in which no one gets hurt!)

We know how to make your kids' holidays awesome, educational and full of science fun! We have 13 years of experience, across 5 countries, with more than 8000 happy campers in Singapore alone!​​

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