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Yoga and Fabled Adventure for Kids (The Hare and The Tortoise)

Yoga and Fabled Adventure for Kids (The Hare and The Tortoise)

The Ouat (an abbreviation for Once Upon A Time, pronounced as "what") mat is an interactive, kid-sized, yoga mat for children aged 4-8 years old

Coupled with a tailored fable, each Ouat Mat takes the child through an enchanted storytelling process in the safest and most creative environment.

Storytelling meets Twister meets Yoga
Each graphic on the mat is placed strategically, after long hours of going through anthropometric data on children, to provide an optimal stretch for the children during the yoga poses, while limiting the propensity of children getting injured.

Each story focuses on a different set of beginner yoga poses, providing a full range of stretches for children to experience. This is designed to promote interest within the child for yoga, ultimately graduate and participate in other forms of yoga. 

Additionally, what makes it a game-changer, you don’t need any prior experience in Yoga to teach on the Ouat Mat!

Benefits of Yoga on children
1. Yoga allows a child to be expressive, and characteristically, this helps to build confidence. 
As children grow older, they begin losing their naivety, curiosity and identity. Children conform as they are not encouraged to be expressive, uniqueness is ridiculed rather than received. Yoga does not restrict, nor does it conform. It allows a child to be him/herself, in the most creative and stress-free environment.  

2. Yoga helps condition the body physically for future challenges. 
It is undeniable that strength increases as a child age. But even as they get stronger, learning proper postures and adequate stretching goes a long way in self-preservation. Building these right habits from young will aid in preventing chronic injuries in the long run. 

3. Yoga offers interaction in a non-competitive environment. 
Children today are dealt a large amount of stress from their peers and family. Everything is a competition. It seems the formula to succeed in today’s society is to be the best in everything, that means to be better than anyone else. Realistically, that is unaccomplishable. For parents, instead of focusing on what other kids are doing better than your kid, it is better to focus on letting your kid grow in an environment that suits his betterment.


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Kid Ticket (single): 25 SGD (Parents are welcome to sit in/participate)
Kid Tickets (2 children): 45 SGD (Parents are welcome to sit in/participate)

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HOM Yoga 181 Orchard Rd Orchard,#06-12/13

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