Art Camp – IMAGINE

Art Camp – IMAGINE

An ocean with fishes of astonishing scales and fins, a city with cotton candy skyscrapers, a lake filled with the most tooth-rotting sweet drink - anything is possible when your mind imagines it!


‘Imagine’ the Art Camp is where all your child’s sweetest dreams can come true.

Let your child experiment with different mediums of art every day, such as watercolour, acrylic, clay and so much more! Your child will get to express themselves by bringing their most colourful dreams to life on a canvas. With no boundaries to their imagination and creativity, ‘Imagine’ is the place to let your child’s imaginations wander! 

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Image Credit: RAY Educators


6 September - 8 September, time: 10:00-01:00.




Kids Ticket: 315 SGD

Telephone number

+65 8866 0435



Drama Centre 100 Victoria St, Singapore