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Baking Camp - Baking Wonderland

Baking Camp - Baking Wonderland

“Where in the world am I?  Out of the blue, the children enter Baking Wonderland. A world filled with candies, chocolate. gigantic and colourful donuts, cupcakes, and cookies.


To their surprise and bewilderment, a royal puppy appears and presents them with an Imperial Letter, from King Rupert. “What does the King want?” The King has requested that the children bake his favourite raspberry cupcake for his birthday. Can the children accomplish the task for the King?

In Baking Wonderland, we take the children on different exciting journeys, presenting them with different stories every day. This is simply not a baking class. This is a fun-filled adventure, for which the children meet different characters in their learning journey. They will learn skills beyond baking – creativity, teamwork, friendship, and the importance of appreciating the learning process.

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Image Credit: RAY Educators




Kids Ticket: 315 SGD

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+65 8866 0435



KAP Mall 9 King Albert Park, Singapore