Rumours Beach Club presents Move & Wave with LIMITLESS

Rumours Beach Club presents Move & Wave with LIMITLESS

Thinking on getting a start on your work-out regime yet prefer to spend time with the family?


Rumours Beach Club presents Move & Wave with Limitless - perfect for a good high-calorie burn while your children enjoy an exhilarating sports class by Sportify Kids.

Dive into the inviting pool or lounge over good food with children after the invigorating work-out. Accelerate your recovery with a dip in an ice-bath and a bottle of cold pressed juice by Re.juve. The inaugural session begins this Sunday so see you there!

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  • Kids class by Sportify Kids (age 4-10 years old)

Our multi-sport class allows kids to develop sporting fundamentals and values through our proven pedagogy. Our coaches use a value based approach to guide the kids to achieve their learning outcomes, providing them with targeted feedback and progression checklists. Your kids will not only have lots of fun while learning, they will also build values and valuable relationships leading them to long term sporting development.


Image Credit: Rumours Beach Club


16 April, 10:00–10:45.




Adult Ticket: 48.24 SGD
Kids Ticket: 27.29 SGD

Telephone number

+65 6970 0625



Sentosa 40 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore