Small Ville Bakery Cafe

Small Ville Bakery Cafe

The Small Ville Story


We believe home style cooking is the most natural, as food is cooked with little or no artificial ingredients. We also believe that food should be sensual. With fresh and wholesome delights that speak to the heart, we invite you to immerse yourself in an au naturel experience. Come cosy up in a welcoming space and enjoy all the goodness that nature has to offer.

Small Ville is founded by Ms Tan Jia Hui on 21 Nov 2017. At a young age, Jia Hui has already had a vast knowledge in food and bakery gathered from her previous working experience. She understands that there is no good or bad in any form of food. For her, the best food to serve is prepared with fresh, natural ingredients and with a happy heart.

She believes that the most delicious and best food is the home style cooking she had at home. And this is what Small Ville Bakery Cafe aims to be - the home to everyone’s heart.

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 07:00–20:00, Sat–Sun 08:00–20:00.




+65 9068 7715



SG Ang Mo Kio Singapore