3 Day Online Camp: Ready to Robo! with LEGO Robotics Kits

Live Online Camp with Rental Robotic Sets Delivered to Your Home


June/July Holidays Special
Kit Used: LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set
This kit is used in international robotics competitions for ages 9 - 19 years old. It can adapt to different students' abilities - beginner to advanced users.

Build 8 - 12 robots during this boot camp.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to build robot models and program motors and sensors to make it come to life!
  • Design and create multi-functional robots that solve real-world problems (Healthcare, Logistics, Automation, Sports etc.) 
  • Build confidence and interests in concept application for science, coding and engineering

Recommended for:

  • Students who dream of becoming engineers and innovators of the future
  • Students who are looking for skills that will be applicable in school and work projects
  • Students who love tinkering, fixing and building

For more information, please contact Shiva at +65 9822 5921


Images Credit: STEAM Engine @Redhill


23 June - 25 June, time: 10:00-17:00
7 July - 9 July, time: 10:00-17:00.




23 - 25 June (With Rental Kit): 630 SGD
7 - 9 July (With Rental Kit): 630 SGD

This was originally a physical camp but has now been converted into a live, interactive online camp.

You can sign up for the camp here