The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion

The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion

A world’s first, Lion City Kitty™ - The Cat Museum, Muses and Mansion is located at 8 Purvis Street, in the heart of the Civic District of Singapore


The Cat Museum, Muses and Mansion pays tribute to the cats of Singapore by tracing the history of local Malayan cats, cats that came on ships with our forefathers from India and China, the arrival of British cats during the colonization period and Japanese cats during occupation, and develops a hypothesis of what is affectionately branded as the Lion City Kitty™ - the Singapore resident cats.

The Museum 

Features history of cats around the world as well as touching stories of cats and their humans, and the important roles they play in each community. Visitors can admire the specially curated cat photographs, art and crafts from around the world, including the founder’s personal collection and commissioned pieces.

The Muses 

The Muses gallery is dedicated to Singapore cats by showcasing their history and origins. A wall called "Every Singaporean Cat" is for all residents to pledge proudly that they live with a Lion City Kitty™ and pin a photo of their cat with its name and district on the large Singapore map.

A highlight of Muses are the real Singapore cats which are orphans looking for a family. Visitors have the chance to play with them, photograph them and maybe fall in love with a ‘muse’ and add a member to their family. 

The Muses is also a space for all Singaporeans and artists (young and old) to come paint, draw and photograph the kitties. It is a platform to display the creative works of local artists whose lives have been touched by kitty karma.

The Mansion 

A beautiful sprawling playground that is specially set for the lucky ones who found their forever home - complete with toys, scratching posts, and invisible grills to keep them safe indoors.

Opening hours

Thu–Fri 16:00–19:00, Sat 13:00–19:00 (Lunchtime 15:30–16:00), Sun 13:00–18:30 (Lunchtime 15:30–16:00).


13 years old & above: 12 SGD
7 – 12 years old: 10 SGD (Free admissiong for 0 - 6 years olds)


+65 6336 2133



8 Purvis Street, #02-02 Singapore 188587