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Launch of the Eurasian Heritage Gallery & Eurasian Association Open House

New Eurasian Heritage Gallery to be launched

The Eurasian Association will also launch its newly revamped Eurasian Heritage Gallery at the Eurasian Community House in September 2019. This milestone event will be graced by President Halimah Yacob.

Previously conceptualised as three separate galleries, the new Eurasian Heritage Gallery will integrate all galleries into a seamless and cohesive presentation of the Eurasian story. The gallery seeks to promote awareness about the roots of the Eurasian community, pioneers who have contributed to nation-building, as well as various aspects of Eurasian culture such as religion, cuisine, music and sports. In collaboration with the Eurasian Heritage Committee and the National Heritage Board’s Singapore Philatelic Museum, existing exhibits will be enhanced with more photos, artefacts and oral histories.

Moreover, the gallery will feature interactive and multimedia presentations to increase the appeal to younger generations. Some treasured artefacts that the public can look forward to include a three-tiered cake stand passed down from generation to generation to serve sugee cake.

In addition, items donated by well-known Eurasian sporting heroes like Joseph Schooling and Heather Siddons will be on display in the gallery.

Venue: Eurasian Community House


Image Credit: The Eurasian Association Singapore





Eurasian Community House, Singapore