The PinkSchoolBus

The PinkSchoolBus

The PinkSchoolBus is an enrichment provider of quality holiday camps for the 4 to 12 year olds


We have a dedicated team who loves children and our core of pursuit is to ensure that every child not only has an enjoyable time but also be equipped with basic knowledge of the themes and subject matter of every camp. 

Our principal of offering camps during the school holidays is to ensure the learning curve of every child continues to ascend and climb, whilst ensuring the school holidays are still packed with wholesome goodness in educational aspects. We also do not neglect the fun and pleasant aspects of the purpose of the schools holidays as our camps ease their energy and ardour into another new school term.  

At The PinkSchoolBus, we aspire to:

  •  inculcate in our children the love for learning
  •  nourish their curiosity and creativity as well as to
  •  encourage positivity in their lives


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