Joanne Jewell - Mindful Parenting UAE

Joanne Jewell - Mindful Parenting UAE

The natural choice for parenting in the UAE.


Supporting Parents to be more conscious and mindful of their parenting and relationship with their children. Making Parenting more co-operative and less stressful.

Mindful Parenting incorporates strategies and ideas from a variety of highly respected sources, including Attachment Parenting and the writings of other professionals such; as Alfie Kohn, Dr Dan Siegel, Janet Lansbury, Faber & Mazlish, Tina Bryson, Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Sue Gerhardt and Rebecca Eames to name a few.

What these practitioners and Mindful Parenting have in common is the utmost respect for both children and parents, a desire to grow and focus on how we can be the best parent possible, not perfect but positive about our children and ourselves and their potential. 

In addition, it incorporates the concept of mindfulness as a way of managing our emotions which has an incredibly positive effect not only on our own well being as parents, but also our personal selves.

Whilst these common strategies and skills run through all the workshops, each course is personalised to the aims and needs of the parents.

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