Easter in Hong Kong

Looking for something to do with your kids this Easter? Then check our fun and colourful guide packed full of EGGcellent kids activities in Hong Kong

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  • Terrible Teens?

    Terrible Teens?

    When my delightful, well-behaved daughter hit her teen years, her defiant, impulsive and irrational behavior, left me and my husband zapped and lost. Each situation was a battle and each day was a war. We had no idea what had hit her. We were the same parents, doing what we had always been doing. What had gone wrong and more importantly, where we had gone wrong? One thing we were sure of was, this is not how we would like things to continue. It led me to do read and research on what psychologists had to say about the teenage brain right from the beginning of the psychology like G Stanley Hall to present-day thought leaders like Dr. Dan Siegel. When I started coaching teens and parents, this one question I have seen come up again and again from parents “My child was not like this. What happened?”

  • Best Tips for Travelling with Kids

    Best Tips for Travelling with Kids

    It has been said that organising fun long trips with babies or small children can be a nightmare. However, enjoyable travel even with toddlers is possible. Any experienced parent worth their salt will endorse the importance of planning. "Just plan everything ahead" – is the age-old mantra. With this in mind, don't let a blind panic get in the way of a memorable family holiday. Now you can heed our straightforward advice and valuable tips on how to pack energy-efficiently and stay safe and happy when you are holidaying with your little ones.

  • How to be a “Lazy” Parent

    How to be a “Lazy” Parent

    As they say, children don’t come up with instruction manuals. And what that means is we parents end up spending energy on musing, ‘Am I doing enough?’ This thought becomes even more accentuated when both the parents are working. In the process of getting rid of the guilt, we end up doing more for the child that is required. This, in the process, becomes counterproductive, and the child ends up being labelled by the society as an overprotected spoiled brat. And again, the parents take the brunt. So, after spending energy on worrying about not becoming a good parent, we end up being judged as so. Where to go … what to do?!

  • Introducing Hong Kong's Best Easter Camps for 2019

    Introducing Hong Kong's Best Easter Camps for 2019

    School holiday season requires some careful planning. We know that your time is the greatest luxury and more precious than ever. Fret not, TickiKids has got the lowdown on which Easter camp is best for your children. Whether you want to keep your kids organised, busy and happy during the upcoming Easter school holidays or fully immerse them in a certain activity – Hong Kong has it all. From high-octane sports, coding and language programmes to creative Easter-themed craft classes, the ultimate Easter camp is but a mere click away.

  • All You Need for a Child's Birthday Party to Succeed

    All You Need for a Child's Birthday Party to Succeed

    If the thought of throwing a child's birthday party makes you break out in a cold sweat, do not worry! There are plenty of ways to celebrate a birthday in our vibrant city. From themed birthday parties, best bakeries, stylish party supplies & decorations to face painting sessions, these are the coolest ways to make the birthday bash an unqualified success.

  • Does Your Child Procrastinate?

    Does Your Child Procrastinate?

    The primary school that my girls went to did not have much workload in terms of homework. Whatever they had was easily manageable with all the other activities they were involved in. The only time management they needed was to learn to be on time at various places. Things changed dramatically when they entered secondary school. 

  • Three Steps to becoming a "Listening" Parent

    Three Steps to becoming a "Listening" Parent

    Most teenagers feel that not only their parents but adults, in general, do not listen to them. Being a Coach for teenagers gives me numerous opportunities to hear their side of the story. When asked to further elaborate on why they feel so, this is what some of them have said:

  • ELĒKRŎN: Premiere of the Show That Electrifies the World

    ELĒKRŎN: Premiere of the Show That Electrifies the World

    Despite the Christmas season having come to an end, your family calendar won’t be empty in January. Hong Kong and the rest of Asian audiences can start preparing to be amazed by the world’s first action-packed, all-electric, indoor theatrical stunt show ‒ ELĒKRŎN. Featuring an acclaimed and prestigious production team, custom-adapted electric vehicles ‒ powered by Tesla motors, a star-studded cast from around the globe, a comprehensive selection of circus artists, astounding special effects and an array of unrelenting and heart-stopping stunts... This world-class spectacular is the most hotly anticipated event of the year, with widespread appeal beyond just car enthusiasts and circus freaks. Read on and find out how to witness the biggest legendary show with its UNRIVALLED SELECTION OF FAMILY PACKAGES.

  • Is Your Child a Smartphone Addict?

    Is Your Child a Smartphone Addict?

    I often hear mums concerned about the amount of time children spend on their phones playing games, and in the process not only do they lose track of the time, but it's also hard to pull them away from the game.  Whilst it is true for the mobile devices in general, in this article I will focus on the gaming part of the devices. I will give a glimpse of what goes on in the mind of a video gamer and why it’s challenging to pull them away from the game or indeed, pulling themselves away. I will also give tips on what can potentially be done.

  • Ten Brilliant Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

    Ten Brilliant Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

    If the weather turns grey and the torrential rainstorm has poured water on your plans, it is very easy for your mind to go completely blank. Are you still on the hunt for the perfect boredom-busting activities for children? Chin up! You are in safe hands now: luckily, TickiKids are experts at presenting a “Plan B”, revealing plenty of brilliant things to do with kids on a rainy day. We’ve put together ten of our favourite video tutorials. This lifesaver will be of interest to all parents who want to have some fun family time in a comfort of their homes, using easily available materials. 

  • Public Speaking? Nah… Just Tell a Story!

    Public Speaking? Nah… Just Tell a Story!

    I dedicate this article to my favourite age group – the youth of today. Much has been said and written about this topic and yet it remains an enigma to most of us when it really shouldn’t be. It should be as easy as it is for a 4-year-old to tell a story.Recently I was invited to mentor a group of kids to improve their public speaking skills. These kids were going to present their project to a group of judges and the best idea was to win an award to fund their idea. I first asked them to tell me about their project. As they told me about why they chose the project, the passion, enthusiasm, and energy in their gestures and body language was apparent. Then I asked them to present their idea to me as they would to the judges.

  • Are You Burning Bridges With Your Child?

    Are You Burning Bridges With Your Child?

    “My 13-year-old daughter is just so unenthusiastic and passive for just about everything. I have to constantly remind her of small things like putting her shoes away to packing her bags. She is intelligent, but she needs to be reminded to do her homework and prepare for her assessments. When she does it, she does it well…but my pain is the reminders. I feel like a broken record player…you know one that keeps playing the same track again and again!! Arghhh!!! Other children her age are so active and self-motivated”, ranted my client. Fatigue and frustration were apparent in her voice, face and body language.This is a story of not just one parent but of so many of us. As a Mom and Teen Coach, I have had the privilege of listening to both sides of the story on the same issues.

  • The best and most idyllic beaches in Hong Kong for the whole family

    The best and most idyllic beaches in Hong Kong for the whole family

    What is a dream holiday without the sea? Thousands of sun worshippers, beach lovers and children flock to Hong Kong's family-friendly seashores in August and September to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the last remnants of summer. Whether you are planning a family leisurely weekend or a city escape, discover TickiKids’ round-up of the best government-maintained beaches in Hong Kong for a great day out.