Libitum Music and Art Studio: Opening the Door to Music

Published 19 May 2017 at 19:16

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Libitum Music and Art Studio: Opening the Door to Music

Making music is so much more than just fingers pressing keys or plucking strings or vocal cords producing sounds; it is a very complex process that activates multiple skills at the same time. It has been proved by a number of studies that music education improves a child’s motor skills and coordination and literally exercises the left hemisphere of a kid’s brain that is responsible for language processing abilities and memory.

However, it would be wrong of parents to simply want their child to get music education only to become smarter. I remember a moment from my childhood when I was learning to play the piano. Me and my teacher were going to play a piano duet, Mendelssohn’s “On Wings of Song” that was. First it took me some time to learn my part, which was pretty simple and didn’t sound impressive on its own. But then the time came to start practicing together, and the first time we did it I, an 8-year-old then, started crying just because of how beautiful it was, and because I was a part of it. There are not many subjects in school curriculum that teach to decode, experience and transmit emotions, appreciate the beauty and let it touch your heart, as well as music education does.

Not so long ago TickiKids team met Elena Shagimardanova, the founder and the principal of Libitum Music and Art Studio and we discussed the problems that music education faces nowadays. Many parents in Singapore give music education a chance in hope that in no time it will make their kids better at math or improve their memory or even just to “check the box”. However, music is no sport; it isn’t all about drilling scales and pieces non-stop with a metronome. The approach at Libitum Music and Art Studio is to teach children to appreciate all aspects of music, to listen to music and feel it, basically to make music their friend that will grow up with them, support and inspire them throughout their lives.

Libitum Music and Art Studio has a number of programmes for kids of different ages, that are aimed to prove the fact that music can be a lot of fun to learn! Years of their experience has shown that children are much more motivated and enthusiastic when learning a musical instrument in a small group of peers. The studio offers a rather unusual format: Group Piano Classes, which is a wonderful way for children of 6-8 years old to learn to play the piano, as well as to make new friends to explore the world of music together.

Singing in a group is well-known for strengthening the feeling of togetherness like no other social activity. In a competitive society, where kids are taught to be focused only on their own achievements, singing in a choir is more than just a part of music education. This unique form of co-operation boosts kids’ mental and physical health at the same time encouraging their creativity, self-expression and developing their ability to listen! Libitum Music and Art Studio has a Choir Singing Class for children aged 6-10.

Music and Art Class is one more unusual format of introduction a kid to the world of music with the involvement of art. The programme is aimed to develop the sense of rhythm, musical pitch and active listening in 4-6 year-olds. Parents are encouraged to join their little ones in music games, dancing, singing children songs and exploring different musical instruments. Libitum Music and Art Studio also offers Art Classes for children of 6-10, which introduce them to themed, observational, imaginative and expressive drawing, developing children’s creativity and personal style.

Developing emotional and creative sphere of a child is as important as developing their cognitive potential, training their memory and motor skills. Music is fun, it helps find new friends, it opens up the world – the history of many cultures, which makes it really worth of a place in you school-age kid's schedule.

More events by Libitum Music and Art Studio:

A Musical Play Date, 28 May  a concert for 1-7 year-olds, consisting of delightful short pieces of the most famous composers of all times - Bach, Corelli, Mozart and many others.

Carnival of Animals, 05 &12 June – a whole day camp is inspired by “Le Carnaval des Animaux”, a humorous musical suite by a great French composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

Long Live Music, 08 June – a camp dedicated to introducing a short history of classical music, featuring live performances, painting, interactive games and puzzles.

Time Machine Adventure, 19 & 21June – fun, educational & creative art and music camp. Travel back in time to discover Prehistoric Music and Art through Creative and fun activities!

Text: Volha Mikhnovich
Photos: Libitum Music and Art Studio

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