Climbing as a Family at Climb Central

Published 16 August 2017 at 23:07

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Climbing as a Family at Climb Central

Today climbing is one of the most popular mainstream sports worldwide and one of the most powerful total body workouts available. Who said it is only for adults? Climb Central proves that this sport can be safe and fun for anyone of age 5 and up! Kids are literally born to do it! Little humans learn to climb even before they start walking, as they pull themselves up to get a higher view or to reach things on the table. The instinct to climb in children is only natural and it should be encouraged in every possible way. There are several absolutely serious reasons for enrolling your little one in this sport:

1. Entire body benefits from climbing. Developing lean, endurance muscles, this sport is equally suitable for girls and boys. It also boosts physical and motor skills, such as directional and spatial awareness, balance, agility and body coordination.

2. Climbing is all about goal-setting, strategy, planning and patience. Climbers have to work the same route many times before they are able to make it to the top, which encourages determination and concentration.

3. An indoor climbing wall is perfect environment to learn vital communication skills. Working on a new route and belaying each other encourages cooperation and trust.

TickiKids Test Patrol parents took their little ones to Climb Central and shared their impressions of the location and the activities offered. The first thing they noted was the atmosphere of the place: seeing enthusiastic people of all ages, genders and levels of strength and capabilities, makes kids really excited to try the new activity and to challenge themselves. The venue automatically invokes the spirit of sportsmanship and adventure.

There is a 15-minute safety briefing, for parents to learn basic safety rules and how to hold the ropes (belay). Climb Central’s advanced safety systems allow parents with no climbing experience to participate. Kid sized climbing shoes and climbing harnesses, as well as cool water, are available at the venue. Once your family is done with the safety briefing, you can get to the fun part straight away! 

At first climbing a wall may seem not as easy as your little ones thought it would be, but things like that can happen as they step out of their comfort zones and do something new. There is always a possibility to find a route suitable for your kids’ abilities, yet challenging enough to develop their strength and determination. Children will love the variety of colours, shapes and patterns of climbing holds (there’ll be cute ones looking like broccoli, animals, seashells, trucks etc.) 

They may climb higher than they expected and get scared to fall down, which can be a perfect situation for them to overcome their fears, hearing parents encourage them not to give up and cheer for their accomplishments, as well as realizing that they are safe with the rope and safety harness around them. If kids get too tired, they can always let off the grip and trust the parents holding the rope to belay them down. All this makes climbing ultimate parent-child bonding activity.

Parents are required to help smaller kids aged 5-12, as it is an adult accompanied event for the younger ones. However, teens aged 13+ can belay each other without supervision of an adult or climb with an auto belay system, which is safe to use for beginners. Family members that do not take part in the activity can enjoy watching their kids climb from Level 1.  

Great news from Climb Central is that August 19 - 20 they invite everyone to join them at Climb-a-ton, a first-of-its-kind marathon climbing carnival! It is suitable for climbers of all ages and levels and it encourages everyone to challenge themselves and climb higher than ever before. Please, see more details about Climb-a-ton activities and ticketing information here.

Climb Central is waiting for your family to give you an unforgettable family-bonding experience. Climb together as family and reach for the skies!

TickiKids team would like to thank Fellen Ungu and Anita Malani and their families for providing us with photos and sharing their impressions of Climb Central.

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