British Council Face-to-Face Summer Camps Open for Registration

Published 14 June 2020 at 16:45

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British Council Face-to-Face Summer Camps Open for Registration

The Face-to-Face Year-round Study Camps by the British Council return with a bang, following months of strict quarantine rules on account of the pandemic.

Having first been established in Singapore in 1947, the British Council currently operates in six continents and over 100 countries. Widely regarded as a global “go-to” for the ultimate English cultural, language and art experience, the British Council Singapore beckons with its holistic offerings for children and adults of all levels from beginners to advanced learners.

Credit: British Council

The British Council Face-to-Face Summer Holiday Study Camps are open for enrolment from 15 June 2020 to the final week of 24 August 2020. Accepting registrations from parents of children aged 4 to 17, launched this year, the online camps will also be open till 3rd July 2020 to those who may be currently unable to attend face-to-face sessions. Each week is a complete, stand-alone camp aimed at kindergarten, primary and secondary students who wish to develop their English within a safe, fun and supportive environment. So students can register for as many camps as they wish.

Many of our kids are still at home, so this is the time when they need exciting extra activities and communication to keep them inspired, tested and challenged. Becoming a member of the summer camp, the students will enjoy considered, intelligent and lively sessions that promise thoughtful conversations about the world beyond the classroom, games and fun activities, group research projects, presentations and plenty of opportunities to hone their language skills and learn from the most qualified and experienced teachers.

Photo Credit: British Council

If you are seeking a thematic learning experience, the British Council comes up trumps here too. Every day, students will study a different topic, using a unique hands-on experiential approach to ignite interest and improve not only their English skills, but also their knowledge and awareness of the world around them. The topics on offer are impressively diverse: primary learners will explore Free Time Fun, Helping Hands, Amazing World and Into Space, while secondary school pupils can expect topics ranging from Technology for Life, An Intelligent Future, A Twist in the Tale to Let’s Play Sport. Each week a new exciting theme and daily tasks will build up to create the final project, which varies from making a storyboard, creating a new technology, developing and selling a new sport, proposing a new charity and many others.

Photo Credit: British Council

Using engaging materials unique to the British Council, your children can achieve remarkable results with digital course content and live regular sessions at the Napier Road centre. It goes without saying that after completing these intensive holiday programmes, one can expect grammar and vocabulary development as well as gaining confidence in communication, for which the British Council study camps are celebrated.

To top it all off, every Friday the teacher will run a session for the parents and will be on hand to answer questions about your child’s progress. This process will take place via video call or in-person. Don't expect to leave empty handed, as you will get certificates at the end of each camp.

Dates: 6th July – 28th August 2020 (Online Study Camps run till 3rd July 2020). A new camp starts every Monday from Monday 6th July to Monday 24 August 2020.

Timing: Monday to Friday 9.30am – 1.30pm with a maximum 9 students per camp;

Age range: Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary students from 4 to 17 years old;

Course Price: S$736 per week + uniform fee S$30 for 2 shirts. The price is inclusive of materials, e-certificates and 7% GST.

Location: Napier Road Centre (30 Napier Road, Singapore 258509), which is 5 minutes from Orchard Road.

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By Anna Khan

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