Singapore Coding Club: How Your Kids Can Learn Coding Through Game Development

Published 23 April 2022 at 10:00

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Singapore Coding Club: How Your Kids Can Learn Coding Through Game Development

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Sometimes, it can be a daunting task for parents to get their younger kids to learn how to code. Coding and programming have become career-building skills that can provide many paths in a child’s future. 

Yet, programming languages, like python and java, are full of complicated ideas that take a lot of time to learn for children. Often, kids think that coding isn't very fun because it's highly conceptual and in most cases doesn’t have any interactive or fun graphics. 

The fact that kids learn to code with blocks like scratch and lego WeDo has led to a lot of other block-based coding languages coming up with fun and more interactive ways for kids to learn. However, for most kids, moving from block-based coding to real programming languages is still a big change. 

So, instead of waiting until your child is older before they start to like coding, our team of tech educators at Singapore Coding Club recommends learning coding through children’s favourite games.

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Six Reasons why kids should learn how to code by making games 

1. Creatively building things with their ideas

There are a lot of games out there that teach kids how to make their worlds inside of a game by writing code. With that, they can see right away how each code can change the way the world looks. Each small part of the world can be made to fit with its own rules and structures. As an example, Minecraft allows you to make your world already, but with coding, you can make it even more expansive and different.

2. Goal-oriented 

In games, having goals and then getting rewards is important to how a game works. The right balance of these two important parts is what makes a game fun and exciting. So, when making your game, kids have to keep these two things in mind at all times. Kids who start making games early will learn to adopt this mindset early on. The mindset can then be used in other parts of their lives as well, such as studying for an exam or sports.

3. Kids learn best when they see things

Research has shown that kids like to have fun when they learn something new. Meaning, that being able to see how one's actions affect one's life is important for remembering and having a good time. When they can see these interactions more easily, they can digest the information more clearly. Kids learn quickly when they use visual aids, like picture books, bright colors, and over-the-top movements. We know that when it comes to text-heavy materials like textbooks, codes, and newspapers, young kids often don't seem to be interested in them.

Thus, our tech educators can now add a visual element to their coding lessons by making games. Games like Roblox and Minecraft are great places for kids to learn the basics of coding because they are simple and interactive.

4. When you move into hard topics, it's much easier

Kids who learn how to code with games can quickly move on to more complicated topics like AI and Data Science when they're teenagers. The transition is easier compared to people who started learning to code at a later age. There are also tons of difficult programming concepts that they'll learn much faster through their experience in game development. As we’ve experienced in many of our students when they transition into more advanced programming.

5. A place where people can interact with each other

Game development is also a great way for kids to learn and meet other kids their age and level. Kids can work together to make a wide range of games. Today, a lot of people are making co-op games in the Roblox game maker. Children in their tweens and teens are working together to develop many new games in the world of Roblox. People who make these games can then sell them on the platform too. Some of these kids have set up their own businesses selling games within these platforms too. Our tutors at Singapore Coding Club have also helped many of our students become inspiring game developers on the platform too

6. A better and brighter future 

Not only do kids gain the technical skills needed to provide them with a secure future in the tech industry, but they also gain valuable knowledge the communication, creativity, and problem-solving. These are all amazing skills to possess at any age and can benefit any kind of aspiring career path. For a young child to adopt these skills and solidify them will, without doubt, lay a great foundation for future pursuits. 

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