Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

13.5-hectare Chinese Garden looks like a slice of ancient China transplanted to Singapore


The Chinese is located on the islands in Jurong Lake. Designed by Taiwanese architect Prof. Yuen-chen Yu and built in 1975, 13.5-hectare Chinese Garden looks like a slice of ancient China transplanted to Singapore. That's why the place has become so popular with photographers and cosplayers, who want to feature the unique architecture of Chinese Garden as part of their photoshoots.

The Chinese Garden can boast a wonderful bonsai collection, a tea house, various pagodas and pavilions in the northern Chinese imperial style (including the seven storey Cloud Piercing Pagoda), as well as a number of beautiful stone bridges, statues of famous heroes in Chinese history.

Usually a very serene place, Chinese Gardens burst into life Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Don’t miss the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum, which is home to about 180 turtles in over 60 different species and more than 3,000 turtle-related items collected by the museum’s owner and his daughter.

And don't forget to visit Japanese Garden located nearby. The Chinese and Japanese Gardens are connected to each other by the Bridge of Double Beauty. The garden was modelled on Japanese gardening aesthetics of the Muromachi and Momoyama period and features Japanese-styled pagodas, arched bridges, waterfalls, stone paths and stone lanterns.

Opening hours

Mon–Sun 05:30–23:00.




+656261 3632


1 Chinese Garden Road Jurong East, West S619795

How to get there?

Nearest MRT: Chinese Garden (EW25)