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Summer 2020 School Holidays (8-Day Camp) with Computhink

Summer 2020 School Holidays (8-Day Camp) with Computhink

The 8-day holiday camp is a specially curated camp for the Summer 2020 School Holidays.


We want to help engage children in a challenging and fun way during this period of extended home-based learning.

On each day of the camp, students will be taught new programming concepts, and practice how to apply them in their daily coding challenges. Students will be grouped into classes with similar ages and capabilities. The class sizes are kept small at 6 students per class to ensure teachers can spend time helping individual students.

Here’s what your child will experience in the 8-day camp:

  • Learn to program amazing games and animations with code.
  • Challenge themselves by coding one or more projects every day.
  • Learn about the exciting world of technology, computers and the internet.
  • Be guided by our experienced programmer trainer via our proprietary online learning platform.
  • Spark curiosity and creativity and let your child create anything they want!

Attending the ScratchThinker classes will help your child to:

  • Experience what programming is, and how it is used professionally to solve problems and create solutions.
  • Encourage your child to want to learn how things work and develop a creator mindset.
  • Discover if your child has a talent for programming, and encourage them to specialise their talents in technology.
  • Inspire your child to want to learn more and create their own game and animation programs!

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Early Bird: 380 SGD (Sign up by June-28th)
Regular Price: 480 SGD