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2-ball Juggling Workshop

2-ball Juggling Workshop

This is an introductory level workshop for those interested in learning 2-ball juggling patterns.


This will include various ways of juggling two balls in one hand (fountain, columns, fork) and two hands (501, 330, body throws).

Extend your juggling journey with a complimentary set of juggling balls. Participants will be contacted at a later date to provide a Singapore mailing address. Only participants who provide a Singapore mailing address will receive the complimentary set of juggling balls, to be mailed post-festival (after 6 Jun 2021).

About the artist

Tay Di-hong has been a juggler for over a decade and has taught hundreds of people to juggle. He believes that anyone can learn to juggle with proper instruction and that juggling can be an enriching hobby for both young and old.

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Price: 10 SGD

Telephone number

+65 6828 8377