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Footwork: Twinkle Toes

Footwork: Twinkle Toes

Discover the joy of movement and fall in love with dance at da:ns festival’s Footwork workshops.


Twinkle Toes is a series of dance-play workshops for little tots between the ages of 3 and 6 to have fun with their parents as they whirl and twirl in this movement based workshop!

There’s no better way to fall in love with dance than to try dancing yourself. Footwork gives you the opportunity to learn popular dances from the experts and pick up some moves in the months leading up to the da:ns festival.

  • Ballet Baby 2 Jun, Sat, 9am; 22 Jul, Sun, 9am; 12 Aug, Sun, 9am; 1 Sep, Sat, 9am; 30 Sep, Sun, 10.30am

Learn ballet techniques in a fun and nurturing environment! They encourage young dancers to tell a story and express their creativity and youthful energy. 

Come dressed up as ballerinas and ballerinos for extra fun! 

Conducted by Wings to Wings 

About Wings to Wings 

Wings to Wings is a dance studio that provides classes to adults and children. From the graceful ballet to spunky jazz, it offers it all! The studio believes that anyone can dance and be nurtured by experienced teachers in a welcoming and engaging environment.

  • Tap Baby 2 Jun, Sat, 10.30am; 1 Sep, Sat, 10.30am

Tap dancing is a whole lot of fun! They will make percussive rhythms with bodies and engage in dance games to get happy feet tapping! (No tap shoes required) 

Conducted by Wings to Wings 

  • Jazz Baby 3 Jun, Sun, 9am; 11 Aug, Sat, 9am

A dance discovery for the little ones as they experience the magic and fun of jazz dance. Kids will explore space, develop coordination skills, musical appreciation and a sense of self through creativity and imagination. 

Conducted by Danz People 

About Danz People 

Danz People makes dance accessible to young people and adults through dance training, arts education and community outreach programmes. Its curriculum includes hip hop, jazz and contemporary, catering to both children and adults, seasoned and novice dancers, with courses for beginners as well. A recital is staged annually to allow all students the experience of performing in a theatre setting. The studio also collaborates with National Arts Council in offering arts education programmes for educational institutes. These programmes include lectures and demonstrations, as well as dance workshops and choreography.

  • Hip Hop Baby 3 Jun, Sun, 10.30am; 2 Sep, Sun, 9am; 29 Sep, Sat, 10.30am

Parents and their little darlings can have fun together as they boogie to upbeat music. 

Conducted by Danz People 

  • Pop Baby 21 Jul, Sat, 9am; 11 Aug, Sat, 10.30am; 12 Aug, Sun, 10.30am; 29 Sep, Sat, 9am

A fun way to teach the little ones to move and dance to their favourite theme songs from animated films such as Trolls, Sing, Moana, Little Mermaid, etc. Kids will learn a sense of rhythm through basic movement patterns and simple dance moves. Parents, don’t miss out on the fun! 

Conducted by L.A. Dance Connection 

About L.A. Dance Connection 

L.A. Dance Connection (LADC) is a local dance company offering classes in hip hop, jazz, salsa and dance fitness. Founded in 2003, LADC’s mission is to share the passion for dance and to promote healthy living. LADC also offers dance and dance fitness workshops in Los Angeles, India and Indonesia.

  • Bollywood Baby 21 Jul, Sat, 10.30am; 2 Sep, Sun, 10.30am

A simple and fun Bollywood dance session for toddlers, taught using imagination and games! Parents and their little ones learn moves originating from Indian and Western dance forms, inspired by Bollywood movies. 

Conducted by Dance Embassy 

About Dance Embassy 

With almost a decade of experience working with children, Lavania, who has a degree in Psychology, knows how to capture the hearts and attention of the little ones through dance and storytelling, as well as how to awaken their senses as they bond with their parents in a fun way. Lavania has trained over 5,000 kids and has also been a judge in Singapore’s largest dance competition hosted by World of Kidz.

  • Swing Baby 22 Jul, Sun, 10.30am; 30 Sep, Sun, 9am

Learn how to do fish tails, boogie backs, and other authentic jazz dance steps from the Swing Era! This session focuses on fun and gets your child learning rhythms and getting coordinated! 

Conducted by Jazz Inc 

About Jazz Inc 

Jazz Inc is a collective of dancers led and founded by Sinclair Ang. While specialising in authentic street dances from the 1920s–40s, like the charleston and the lindy hop, the collective also seeks to promote contemporary urban street dances, with a focus on tracing the roots and development of street dance and finding their common ground and influences, as well as to break barriers between the different subgenres of the dance and their respective music. They also aim to be inclusive rather than divisive, and to celebrate vernacular dance in all its forms and its organic nature that ties it closely to the everyday struggles, pains, joys and victories.

Advisory: Children must be accompanied by an adult. Accompanying adult must be 16 years old and above.

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per session per pax: 15 SGD (Tickets are sold in pairs for 1 child and 1 adult)

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