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(Cancelled) GARAP Garage

(Cancelled) GARAP Garage

Welcome to GARAP Garage, where your imagination and ideas can come to life! 


GARAP Garage is an interactive dance performance that integrates call-and-response in the making of the performance. Children and their caregivers are invited to contribute to the creative process by creating sounds and actions that become stimulus for the performers to embody. The audience are invited into a realm of play where they can explore a variety of stimuli using tools such as music instruments and imaginative objects, and are asked to make decisions on how the performance will progress. Interwoven with traditional Malay choreography and dance vocabulary, this performance excavates cultural notions of dance and movement through the exploration of Malay culture.

Put your imaginative hats on and fiddle with the tools in our garage. See how different movements, sounds and actions can become fuel for the dancers to move along to! 

About Ismail Jemaah – Artistic Director/Performer

A dancer and choreographer trained in Malay performing art forms, Ismail Jemaah explores contemporary dance by using his roots as a catalyst. He believes that the arts and the medium of movement provide the freedom for people to create connections, even across differing beliefs or opinions. Ismail is currently a resident instructor and choreographer with Azpirasi Dance Group, as well as an associate artist with P7:1SMA. Over the years, Ismail has enjoyed close relationships working with other companies and organisations such as Kaizen M.D. and Wright Assembly.

By using his body and its movements as a medium, Ismail seeks to observe how the world we live in can be shared with one another.

About Sufri Juwahir

Sufri Juwahir (NAC Young Artist Award Recipient 2018) is a dancer and choreographer. He co-founded Soul Signature in 2015 with his dance partner, Sheriden Newman. Sufri constantly expands his movement vocabulary by learning different dance genres, from modern and contemporary dance to Indian classical forms such as bharathanatyam. He believes that the sensitivities of physical exploration will be greatly heightened through learning, understanding and applying techniques into practice.

This approach not only allows the body to discover new ways of expression, but also allows for the opening of the mind for development and the discovery of new perspectives on the body and its physical progression.

About Syimah Sabtu

Syimah Sabtu is a dance artist from Singapore. She graduated from Republic Polytechnic (Theatre and Arts Management) and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Dance).

Her practice is rooted in Malay folk dance and contemporary dance, where she examines the kinesics state of the dancer’s body. She is currently researching on the dualities of being, exploring layered connections between personal histories, narratives and beliefs nestled within our bodies.

As a dance artist, she believes in the potentiality of collaboration, interaction and connection across various art forms, disciplines and walks of life.

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