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Upcycled Artists - A visual arts workshop @Mosaic Play Academy

Upcycled Artists - A visual arts workshop @Mosaic Play Academy

It's time to recruit a new batch of recycling ambassadors, who will teach others how to practise waste recycling, help find other ways to reduce waste and make a difference in the world!


In this workshop, children will learn more about recycling and its global impact through storytelling, role playing and simple dramatization.

Thereafter, they will be challenged to turn something old into something new - their very own movie chairs for starters!

At the end of the workshop, they will be treated to watch a short movie and get to try out their newly created seats!

It will be a day of creativity and fun. Let's do our part for the environment!

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Image Credit: Mosaic Play Academy




Price: 105 SGD

Telephone number

+65 6970 2850



402 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore 428082